Aldwyn Wayne
CEO, WiPay

Mr. Aldwyn Wayne, on the surface, is an extremely accomplished Technologist, With 12 plus years’ experience in the technology field. Currently Mr Wayne is at the forefront of the fastest moving technology industry trend; E-services. He has spent the past two years evangelizing a Caribbean wide shift to more accessible financial E- services through his founded company WiPay. Using the pervasiveness of the Smartphone and the accessibility of the internet WiPay have complied the KYC requirements, the merchant ID, the point of presence and end user device all in one simple application to create frictionless payments. You can make payments with credit, debit and most importantly cash anywhere in the Caribbean. Not forgetting Individual, peer to peer payments and regional transfers as well as interchange zero for merchants.

A calculated risk taker with deep tech industry knowledge, Mr Wayne has championed financial E-services throughout Trinidad and Tobago and has been rapidly integrating these services throughout the Caribbean. As the CEO of WiPay, Mr. Aldwyn Wayne is revolutionizing how online transactions are conducted in T&T and regionally. He has prompt us into the modern era of conducting business.

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