TTIGF 2020: Meet our Panelists

Fake News & Its Impact on You

Shernon Osepa
Manager, Regional Affairs for Latin America & The Caribbean Bureau
Internet Society (ISOC)

Shernon Osepa is the Manager, Regional Affairs for Latin America & The Caribbean Bureau of the Internet Society (ISOC).

Prior to joining ISOC, Shernon was the Manager Regional Relations Caribbean for ICANN for more than three years.  Before ICANN he worked as a Policy Advisor with the Telecommunications & Post Regulatory Authority (Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post) in the Netherlands Antilles for almost 6 years.  Previously he worked with the local telecommunications incumbent operator UTS/Setel in Curacao, for almost nine years.

Shernon is a national of Curacao. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University for Professional Studies in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University for Professional Studies in Enschede the Netherlands and a Master’s degree in Telecommunications Regulation and Policy from the University of the West Indies in Trinidad & Tobago.

He is fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish, Papiamento and has a working understanding of French.

Shernon is based in Curacao.

Mark Lyndersay
Editor at TechNewsTT
Opinion Leader Columnist at Newsday

Mark Lyndersay is a writer and photographer working in Trinidad and Tobago for the last 44 years.

He is the editor of, an online news publication covering technology developments in Trinidad and Tobago founded in 2014 and writes BitDepth, a weekly column which has explored personal technology continuously over the last 25 years.

He is the editor of the OpEdTT opinion leadership section of the web publication

Mark Lyndersay currently writes his column, features and weekly opinion leaders for first publication in Trinidad and Tobago Newsday.

Asha Javeed
Senior Multimedia Investigative Journalist
Caribbean Communications Network (CCN)

Asha Javeed is a well-respected investigative reporter with many years of experience tracking down the stories that matter. Ms Javeed began her career when fresh out of school and with a burning desire to be a journalist, she fearlessly walked into the Express South Office and presented her resume to then Bureau Chief, Jerome Tang Lee. She was hired instantly.

By year’s end, Ms Javeed’s engaging writing style, coupled with her precise analysis of nitty-gritty detail, earned her the Media Association’s “Rookie of the Year” award. Soon, Ms. Javeed began to specialise in financial investigative reporting.

She has won multiple awards as a testament to her work. She has a Masters in Communications.

Daniel Hernandez
Head, Cyber & Social Media Unit
Trinidad and Tobago Police Services (TTPS)

Police Sergeant presently attached to the Cyber & Social Media Unit {T.T.P.S} Highly motivated police officer with 21yrs service having pursed achievements in Mobile and Computer Forensics.  Extensive training and experience in Intelligence Gathering, Data Analysis, Digital Forensics and Investigations, Proactive Internet Investigations, Seizure of Digital Evidence, Cellular Communication Forensics.

Sergeant Daniel is responsible for the Management of Telecommunication Data From Service Providers to Police Officers with the intent of giving them an investigative approach. Liaison officer Minister National Security, mobile and computer forensics extraction supervision.

Data Hosting: Locally or Internationally?

Ian C. Galt
General Manager – Enterprise Services
Telecommunications Services of Trinidad & Tobago Limited

Ian Galt is a veteran of the ICT and Telecommunications Sectors with over 40 years of knowledge and experience.

Ian joined TSTT as the General Manager of its Enterprise business in April 2019. 

Prior to this Ian has spent the last 27 years working for four Multinational ICT / Telecommunication Companies and one Caribbean region Conglomerate in an Executive capacity.

These include Digicel Central America and the Caribbean, (Chief Revenue Officer), ANSA McAL, (Group CIO followed by Services Sector Head), Cable and Wireless PLC, (Managing Director Products and Services followed by Managing Director Government Business), and Fujitsu, (Country Manager followed by Executive Vice President Caribbean and Central America).    

During this time Ian has sat on over ten Boards and has been the Chairman of eights Boards. Ian presently also sits on the Board of the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce. He has worked extensively in the UK and Europe for over ten years in addition to having extensive experience in multiple Caribbean locations.

He was intimately involved in the build-out of Trinidad and Tobago’s first Tier 3 Data Center Facility and had Executive oversight of the launch of a number of the initial Managed and Cloud Services to be launched and made available in the Caribbean.
Ian completed his Secondary education in the UK and is an Honors Graduate of International Technical Institute, Tampa, USA.

Darren Mohammed
Corporate Business Manager – Caribbean/Country Representative
Microsoft Trinidad & Tobago

Darren Mohammed is a Senior Manager at Microsoft responsible for the Corporate Business across 33 countries, mainly within the Caribbean.
With over 24 years’ experience in the ICT industry, he continues to partner with businesses and Governments throughout the territory on transformation using the Microsoft cloud. More companies are turning to Microsoft technology to Engage Customers, Empower Employees, Optimize Operations and Transform their Products. There is no one size fits all and so Darren continues working to develop an ecosystem of Microsoft Partners to act as agents for this transformation across a complex geography, with that ecosystem contributing to their own country GDP.
Prior to joining Microsoft 11 years ago, Darren owned his own profitable technology start-up for 6 years where he benefited from an environment of constant learning and adaptation, two key skills for these dynamic times in business. Before that he was an Exploration Technologist in the Oil and Gas industry.

Keenan Singh
Chief Executive Officer
Airlink Communications Limited

At the age of 17, Mr Keenan Singh made his mark in the Telecommunications Industry as being the youngest founder and Chief Executive Officer to establish a Telecoms company which provided Subscription TV and Internet Services to residents of rural South Trinidad. Based on the lack of Telecommunications Infrastructure at the time Air Link had to build out it’s own Infrastructure to support it’s business. This led him to design, project-manage and even get his hands dirty in building one of the 1st locally-owned Data Centers in Trinidad and Tobago. Over the past 15 years, Air Link Communications Limited’s Data Center has become the lifeline of larger players in the industry both locally and regionally.